To create a stronger ecosystem in Massachusetts, I propose...

Creating Today and Tomorrows STEM Workforce

We are directly solving a MA problem related to the high tech economy: workforce development. We are propelling students with the passion and skills for technology and innovation and family or college roots in MA. Most efforts fall short because of limited scale or a lack of sustainability. Others focus solely on the Math and Science without engaging connections to Engineering and Technology. The College of Engineering at Boston University is advancing two unique programs to address the challenges most directly impacting the MA high tech sector and the pipeline. TISP professionally trains engineers to mentor and inspire about 2,000 diverse, K-12 students nationwide each year. These relatable, role-models deliver hands-on learning related to cool MA businesses like robotics, medical devices, and nanotechnology. STEEP produces engineering graduates who also have a Masters in teaching and are poised to teach any STEM subject. STEEP transforms engineers into educators who regularly prepare and inspire their own students for STEM careers. BU will track impact over three years in a MA school district. We invite like-minded corporate partners to grow and tailor these programs to develop your leaders of innovation and drive our economy.



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