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Digital "Career & College" Exploration Tools from TeenLife Media

TeenLife Media is the largest online source of enrichment opportunities for college-bound students in grades 7-12, locally and nationwide. Parents, educators, and students turn to us to access a wide variety of listings and value-added content. We currently publish digital guides on a wide variety of topics and want to add a series that highlight careers in different industries and the colleges that offer degrees for these careers. For example, the TeenLife Guide to Technology Careers & Colleges would describe (via copy and videos) a wide variety of positions in Technology, the colleges in MA and elsewhere that offer relevant majors, and the companies that offer entry-level career opportunities in technology. We are WELL KNOWN among the top public and private high schools in greater Boston and have an opt-in membership base of parents, college-bound students and educators who would receive these guides. We can also host a virtual Career Exploration Fair for students highlighting opportunities in a variety of industries where they can chat live with company and college representatives. These resources are currently funded by colleges seeking these students and the companies interested in hiring them once they graduate.



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