To create a stronger ecosystem in Massachusetts, I propose...

Eliminate Noncompete Agreements in Massachusetts

Eliminating noncompete agreements is likely the only actionable change that once enacted would overnight produce an orders of magnitude benefit to the technology ecosystem in Massachusetts.


Noncompete agreements prevent emerging startups from hiring the experienced talent they need in order to grow and prosper.


Noncompete agreements prevent a talented employee from moving to another company that needs and values their skills and experience.


Noncompete agreements enable existing companies to myopically preclude local competition, while making them less competitive nationally and globally.


Noncompete agreements promote a damaging and lethargic status quo that has limited Massachusetts to cultivate only 2 of the 74 S&P 1500 tech companies created in the past 20 years; 5 other regions together produced 50 tech sector companies.


Noncompete agreements are an anachronism that are ill suited for and damaging to a viable and vibrant technology ecosystem.



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