To create a stronger ecosystem in Massachusetts, I propose...

Facilitate hiring youth

To create a strong ecosystem in Massachusetts, I would help people launching their careers establish their professional reputation. The biggest hurdle to getting that first job is showing that you are reliable, responsible, will show up on time and do what you said you would.

HelpAroundTown is a free job board designed to help youth and anyone entering the job market establish their reliability. Our free job board generates work opportunities because our users stake their personal reputation in their community.

HelpAroundTown has facilitated 600 local jobs in the year since we launched, receiving the Lexington Chamber of Commerce’s Rising Star Award for 2013.

Companies, individuals and non-profits everywhere can post jobs, summer internships, part-time jobs and volunteer opportunities free, now, then rate and recommend the people they hire. We build a strong ecosystem by generating jobs, launching careers & providing an incentive for everyone to be on their best behavior.



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