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Making Computer Science Part of K-12 Education, Today!

In eight years, our current 8th grade student in Massachusetts could graduate from college without having taken one Computer Science course in his/her education career! Massachusetts doesn't have Computer Science Education Standards, nor do we offer access to CS courses in schools across the state to solve the CS / STEM Pipeline issue. How can we expose students and build their interests in CS if it is absent from their core curriculum in grades k-12..

The Mass TLC has an interest in working with businesses to help make Computer Science a part of student's education in Massachusetts. Our school can help you achieve this goal! We have teams of educators/business personnel in Massachusetts and in our country working to bring CS education to all schools' curriculum. However, we need your help with policy change first. Can we have Computer Science count as a math or science course for students to graduate from high school?

Can we adopt the National CS standards? Can we build a workforce of CS teachers to teach all of our kids and prepare them for jobs that will require them to be able to think computationally, and solve challenging problems regardless of what career they may choose? Can we, you, me, MassTLC and the National Computer Science Teachers Association work together to begin to solve this problem, today?



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