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Measuring Environmental Performance simply and accurately

When it comes to our environmental performance, we currently use adjectives (green, renewable) or make decisions with non-intuitive numbers such as tons of CO2 vs. Acre-feet of water. We need numbers that are both accurate and simple to understand. Something like a currency converter between resources to enable decisions. These numbers have to be based on accurate data such as local water scarcity, emissions and life cycle impacts etc.


For example, when making an infrastructure decision even state officials have only visibility to the budgeted CapEx, the long term environmental performance and operational costs are not known.


We are a Massachusetts based company (jobs here & now!) that is growing fast globally. I have participated in the recent water mission that the governor organized to Israel and since then we are working with State senators, DoE and EPA to utilize our technology. We are also piloting with the MBTA to improve decisions accross the spectrum.


Our technology can make Massachusetts a global beacon in environmental and energy performance. It would be great if the governor could will hear about it directly from us.


With best regards,

Ory Zik



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