To create a stronger ecosystem in Massachusetts, I propose...

Skill-Based Hiring & Training Platform

We are building a new skills-based hiring and training platform that we believe will address the frictional unemployment problem of open jobs and qualified existing applicants, but for which matching is inefficient and often takes a very long time.


Employers use our platform to list critical jobs and the skills needed for open positions; applicants apply with existing and desired skills.


Skillvee helps to match the two for a more streamlined recruiting process, allowing both companies and applicants a closer match, trimming hiring and basic-training costs, and most importantly, improving employee satisfaction and retention at jobs with opportunity.


With this real-time data from employers, we can also direct applicants in need of additional training to the industries in the state that are growing and hiring. This information will allow Massachusetts to better target which sector-based trainings are most needed throughout the state, and make the necessary investments and partnerships to build and grow our skills ecosystem.



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