To create a stronger ecosystem in Massachusetts, I propose...

To Fully Support MassChallenge

There is no arguing that MassChallenge has fomented a startup culture in the Innovation District. From about $5M in total funding, the 361 MassChallenge alumni have collectively raised over $362M in outside funding, generated over $100M in revenue, and created over 3,000 jobs since 2010. They might be the most successful non-profit job creator in history. And that was their learning curve!


Yet MassChallenge is needing new space and resources to continue in 2015 and well-beyond. Will you support Legislation to provide ten years of working capital to MassChallenge? Let's get them the resources they need to focus on what they do best - mentoring entrepreneurs and their startups to grow our economy from the grassroots! From the 1250 new startups they could support, only one needs to reach a Billion dollar valuation to justify the State's investment. What the other 1249 startups do is the bonus!



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