To create a stronger ecosystem in Massachusetts, I propose...

Treat our students like talented NCAA Division 1 recruits

Our greatest, most precious talent shows up every September and disappears every June. Our student population across our dozens of universities represent the future leaders in innovation and entrepreneurship. Yet, by and large, we do nothing to make them feel welcome. Other communities would kill to have this talent spending 2-4 years in our community. We need a more aggressive, systematic recruiting process to convince them to stay in MA.


For example, new students at the undergraduate and graduate level should receive a welcome video from the governor and our top business and sports stars. The case for "staying in MA" should be made publicly and forcefully throughout their tenure. We should be funding thousands of summer internships each year and providing free access to any trade show or conference they wish to attend.


Upon graduation, we should be even more aggressive. Should we staple $25K to the back of every MIT CS graduate and every Harvard MBA if they agree to start their business in MA? We know that seed capital attracts more capital, and capital attracts jobs and economic development, so why not be aggressive with a certain portion of the community?



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